I’m sure you’ve heard at least once in your life the term “numerology.” Numerology is a practice oriented to the study of symbolism of numbers in relation to the surrounding world. Through it, surprisingly accurate and complete approximations can be made about the character, personality, potential, and attempts in an individual’s life.

The fundamental principle underlying numerology is vibration / frequency. It starts from the assumption that the name of an object denotes its specific vibration, vibration that can be discovered by the letters from which its name is composed. The same is true of man and his name and surname. The first and last names, by the letters of which they are composed, can be reduced to a single digit that shows the characteristics of the archetype they represent. You are probably curious to know what the lucky numbers for year 2018 . I was curious too, but then i found this page and now 2018 numerology isn’t a secret for me anymore.

Numerology has very remote roots and can be traced back to its 10,000-year genealogy in Egypt and Babylon.

1 – Event trigger, road opener, original, leader, independent, strangator, individualist.

2 – Cooperation, adaptability, respect for others, association, mediation.

3 – Expression, literally, social, arts, creativity, the joy of living.

4 – Get, order, serve, fight against limitations, permanent growth.

5 – Expansion, prophecy, adventure, use of freedom in a constructive way.

6 – Responsibility, protection, care, community, family, balance, sympathy, harmony, creativity.

7 – Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, study, meditation, search, spirituality, wisdom, meticulousness.

8 – Social obligations, desiring social status, desiring power, aspiring to great fortune, great organizer.

9 – Humanist, selfless, selfless, obligatory, creative, capable of sacrifice.

11/2 – Great visionary, lofty, intuitive, luminous, idealistic, dreamer spirit.

22/4 – The great builder, great duties, strong force, leader.

33/6 – The Great Healer, Spiritual Leader, Lover of Humanity, Teacher.

Starting from the date of birth and the table below based on the Latin alphabet (the vowels with diacritics are taken as simple voices), all numbers are calculated by simple math operations, always reducing to one digit, unless one is reached master numbers – 11, 22, 33. Master numbers are taken into account only for the main indexes. For the other indices, when they occur, they are further reduced to a single digit.

The second number of importance is Number of Destiny. This number shows talents, abilities, goals, and has a special weight in relation to all things related to career. It is calculated by adding the corresponding numbers to each letter and reducing the number obtained to one digit or until one of the master numbers is obtained.

And by this figure I feel strongly tied. I can easily observe the characteristics of figure 4 when I realize my almost visceral need to organize, classify and compartment everything starting with day-to-day activities, service, and culminating in my own interior. One thing that I am grateful for this feature is that it is very easy for me to control and organize myself. I build and rebuild myself constantly, always building an increasingly solid foundation. Often I become very rigid in thinking and vision and I tend to lose myself in infinitely small structural details, losing the overall picture. I work intensely, constantly, even “machine”. I am used to forming a clear and precise idea of ​​the entire process from the beginning to the end, with potential variations and risk factors.

The third number in the order of “weight” is the Desire of the heart. This number indicates the main motivating factor behind most of my choices, especially those related to lifestyle and the environment. It is calculated by summing the numbers corresponding to the voices and reducing the amount until a single digit or a master number is obtained.

This figure is one of the most felt figures in my map. Here I find the deepest aspirations of my soul, the desire to respond to the great questions of life, the ability to separate the thread not in four but in seven, the tendency to penetrate beyond what is visible to explore the subtle aspects of life. The tendency for isolation and the predisposition to inner reflection, the interest in multiple fields of knowledge and the ability and the need to link different information into a unitary picture.